frequently asked questions

What should I expect from a boudoir shoot?

Upon entering the studio you will be greeted with music, champagne, and a lot of positive welcoming energy. We will go over your vision, look through the outfits you brought, and get started! I will pose/prompt you the entire time, you won’t even have time to think, “I hope I don’t look awkward”. When the session is over you will walk out of the studio feeling like you can take on the world!

Do I need to bring my own clothes?

Yes! Please feel free to text me pictures while you are out shopping or beforehand! I love to help and will always provide honest feedback. On the day of your session feel free to bring more than the 3 allotted outfits and we can mix and match together!

What should I wear?

You should wear what you are most comfortable in! Boudoir isn’t about throwing on the sexiest lingerie you can find and calling it a day. It would be about embracing who you are and maybe stepping out of your comfort zone. Outfit ideas, places to shop, accessories to bring will all be covered in the guide I send you after booking.

Will you post my photos to social media or your website?

When reviewing and signing your contract, you can choose if you want neck down, full body, or no pictures posted to the girls only Instagram account, website, and all other publications. Your privacy is my main concern and I promise to never compromise on what you choose. Most women receive their gallery, realize how tasteful and amazing they look and tell me I can post full body images and I am more than happy to change their contract. Please do not feel like you need to change your mind - I just want you to know it's an option!

Do you offer makeup / How much does it cost?

Yes - you can choose your session experience to either include hair and make-up or not!

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! $100 will be due at signing as a non-refundable retainer with the remaining amount due a week before the event. If you need a different payment plan after the retainer, I am happy to work something out! No images will be delivered until the session is paid in full.

Will you make me look skinnier?

Nope! My job is to make you feel confident in your own skin! I use lighting, angles, and shadows to make you look your best while taking the photo. I lightly edit the photos to correct coloring, shadows and brightness. I will not Photoshop to make you look skinnier, have fuller hair, etc.

When should I book my session if I need it for a gift?

I recommend booking your session at least 2 months prior to the date you need your final product, especially if you are wanting an album. If your wedding is in September, I would recommend having your session no later than July 1st. This covers the 3 weeks of editing time plus any post delivery products!


Do i get to pick my 5 digitals?

Yes! I will send over all of your edited images with a watermark and you will get to choose the 5 that I send back to you with download capability.